Discovery Session


Your Discovery Session is an opportunity for you to

  • explore the areas you want to work on
  • learn how we would work together to achieve your goals
  • learn a bit more about me, my method, my work style
  • clarify what you want to achieve and its value to you
  • ask any other questions you might have


I typically  meet new clients in person for this conversation but if not feasible, we can meet by phone. 

Discovery Sessions last 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number and complexity of your goals and the extent of your questions. 

To schedule a Discovery Session just call to make an appointment. 


Clients who benefit most from the Discovery Session have

  • at least a general idea about the area  they want to focus on or what they wish to accomplish and what it would mean to them to achieve it
  • a list of questions they would like to ask me
  • a sense of how much work they want to put into this and at what pace
  • how they will make time for both the coaching sessions and the work they need to do.

Next Steps

The Discovery Session will provide you with information to help you decide whether to work with me. 

Not everyone makes their decision at the end of the Session. If you wish to consider working with me we'll set a date and time to reconnect to discuss your decision.