I work with managing leaders to overcome behaviors
that limit their effectiveness with their teams and peers.

Each year the bar is higher.

More is expected of you.
You expect more from yourself.

You’ve come through in the past.
You welcome the challenge.
 You want more.

More impact in your role.
More ownership from your team.

performance - engagement - fulfillment
without burnout

Cultivate a thriving team culture.

Up your own game
professionally - personally

Where will you grow this year?



John helps me to spot trends and dynamics that I can act on, but might otherwise miss in the fast blurry pace of life and work.
— Dr. David Baer, Former President and CEO, Overseas Council
John’s coaching style enabled me to think through what really mattered. He helped me find the courage to make a brave decision.
— Tina, Chief Applications Officer, Long Island, NY
I was having a tough time staying focused on issues and priorities. Working with John allowed me to see things more clearly to set goals and priorities.
— Joe Casa, Owner, Harborview Foods, Long Island, NY

Conversations are at the heart of our relationships.

I equip individuals and teams to hold the conversations they need to have.

Through workshops  and individual coaching
managers and their teams learn techniques
for holding healthy and effective conversations;

conversations that are challenging because so much is at stake;
necessary conversations we can't afford to avoid.