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I help managers and other leaders develop
the skills and behaviors they need to lead well:
to increase their impact,
foster a thriving culture,  and
build trust among their team and peers.

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What is Coaching?


Coaching is a 1-to-1 partnership between a Leader and a Coach. This partnership is focused on helping the Leader to grow personally and to thrive in his or her endeavors through a non-directive process. Coaching provides support and encouragement, as the Leader establishes goals, clarifies the starting point and creates and executes the action plan to accomplish those goals. 

Non-directive Process

One of the distinctions of the coaching model is that it is based on the assumption that the Leader is the expert in his or her situation, ministry or business. We are all different and the Leader knows best what does and does not work for them. They know their challenges better than anyone else, and they are responsible for the results they are seeking. Their ownership of their results is a key element in the effectiveness of the coaching model.

Given this underlying principle, the Coach’s role is to help the Leader to clarify their vision and goals and to prompt the Leader to a depth of consideration beyond what they would reach on their own.