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Soli Deo Gloria

Copy of God With Us

"God With Us"

For me, this three-word translation of the name Immanuel (a name given to Jesus) summarizes God's purpose for humanity from the beginning. 

We are spiritual persons who have physical bodies. We have been given the privilege and the dignity of responsibility for creation - a high calling. We are not left on our own to do this, but are expected to be able to live out this calling because God is with us. 

I believe Jesus is the Son of God - hence, Immanuel- "God with us."  But, even though Jesus came back to life after being crucified, he left. He left with a promise to send his live-giving Holy Spirit.

We who follow Jesus believe that he has given us a new life. We believe that this new life is possible because God places His Holy Spirit in us.  This is a new level of "God with us."

This new life comes with a promise. Having been blessed by God, He promises to bless others through us. We are expected to be God's presence in the world. So our calling, as followers of Jesus and having God's Spirit in us, is to bless others by being God with them.

The Apostle Paul, taught that God set up work for each one of us to do and created each of us with the specific strengths to be able to fulfill that work with the help of His Holy Spirit. "God with us."

Paul even teaches us to work out the details of our own new life with fear and trembling because God is at work in us both to will and to act toward His purses. "God with us." 

So we cannot fulfill our God-given purpose without God. 
And God, has chosen not to do it with out us .