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the skills and behaviors they need to lead well:
to increase their impact,
foster a thriving culture,  and
build trust among their team and peers.

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Soli Deo Gloria

process from the plateau

  1. Understand where you are  WHERE YOU ARE
    1. where you are
    2. what got you here
    3. what does your current situation mean to you? what makes that so?
  2. Know yourself  WHO YOU ARE
    1. who are you (personality)
    2. where did you come from (history and experience)
    3. what are your strengths
    4. messages  from others  from inside
  3. what's possible   WHAT'S POSSIBLE
    1. clarify options
    2. what opportunities presented
  4. Chart the course   HOW TO GET THERE
    1. choose destination
    2. plan the course
  5. Navigate to the new role   GET THERE 

Detail 1

Understand where you are.
Where are you?

What got you here. What this really is.

What is your current situation to you? What makes it so?

Detail 2

Know yourself. 

Who are you?

Where did you come from? How did you get here?

What is your story. All the experiences that you have found fulfilling in someway.

How are you strong? Where do you do your best?


Detail 3

What are you hearing?

from others 

from inside

Deatil 4

What opportunities present?

What's possible?

Detail 5

Chart the Course

Plan to get there




Navigate accomplish next role


get there