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I help managers and other leaders develop
the skills and behaviors they need to lead well:
to increase their impact,
foster a thriving culture,  and
build trust among their team and peers.

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I Can Help You...

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Personal Growth

...become more effective in your current role and prepare for future roles. Increase your impact.

What do you need to change?


Healthy Teams

...foster a cohesive team of engaged people, who own the work, give their best and thrive together.

How you lead is crucial.

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Effective Conversations

...communicate effectively in conversations that are critical to success - replacing confrontation with collaboration.

Get the tools you need.

I would not have accomplished this on my own. Over years of trying I always found “excuses” to not do the hard things to make it a reality. John helped me break it down, reason it out, and make it happen.
— Doreen, Director, Not-For-Profit, Long Island NY