Speaking & Workshops

I speak on leadership, personal development, cultures of trust, and faith.
With experience in education, business, and ministry I tailor presentations for your audience. 

Here are some of the more popular topics I address.
Some are also available as workshops.
If you have a need for a specific topic not listed here please contact me to discuss.


Coaching in the Workplace

Instead of adding one more thing to your already busy day, learn how to build trust and increase engagement and motivation within your team, by making this crucial change in your conversations with your reports. Available as workshop.


Building Trust

Focuses on simple discreet changes we all can make as leaders,  team members,  even family members;  to move closer to a culture of trust; at work, at home, or even one on one. This applies to schools,  businesses, corporations, non-profits, ministry, your home. The changes are simple but they aren't easy.


Defeating Answer Man

A humorous take on how we often think  that we must give the  answers when someone shares a challenging question or situation they are dealing with. Shedding  light on the pitfalls, propensities and pain of always "having the answers"  instead of listening and exploring. 


Change Requires Community

True, lasting personal change is one of the toughest challenges we face. Our culture has historically valued the self-made person: so we think: "I don't need someone else on this."   Lasting personal change happens in a group context with trust at the core. This presentation offers some perspectives, principles, and approaches showing  it is more effective if we don't go it alone.


Training vs. Trying

No one "tries" to run a marathon. They train for it, both physically and mentally, so when they lineup for the start they know they can finish. Personal development is the same. If we want to improve in a given area we must go beyond the repeated but failed attempts "trying to do better".  We can achieve the change we seek through training much the same as athletes and musicians do.

Powerful Questioning

90 minute workshop to present the ICF's Core Competency of Powerful Questioning. You'll learn the principles and practice the techniques for making your coaching sessions more powerful through the use of thsi crucial competency. Previously offered for 1.5  CCEUs in Core Competencies.