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I help managers and other leaders develop
the skills and behaviors they need to lead well:
to increase their impact,
foster a thriving culture,  and
build trust among their team and peers.

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Soli Deo Gloria


John leads you to rich insight into what it means to lead - in circumstances that are changing relentlessly as they always do.
— Dr. David Baer, Director at Theological Education Initiative
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John enabled me to think through what really mattered and find the courage to reinvent myself. I’m grateful for his honesty, and sense of humor.
— Tina C. Former Chief Applications Officer, Long Island, NY
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After years trying to make this change on my own, John helped me set goals and get to the root of what was preventing me from overcoming these obstacles. I’m thrilled that within a short time I accomplished this.
— Doreen Jansson, Director Soundview Pregnancy Services, Long Island, NY
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I was having a tough time staying focused on issues and priorities. John’s coaching allowed me to see things more clearly and gave me the ability to set goals and priorities.
— Joe Casa, Owner Harborview Foods
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