John Little Coaching



I help managers and other leaders develop
the skills and behaviors they need to lead well:
to increase their impact,
foster a thriving culture,  and
build trust among their team and peers.

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Soli Deo Gloria



Managing For Multiplication

Imagine if all your team were thoroughly engaged in their work, gave 100%, enjoyed going to work and produced results without burnout. This 2 hour workshop provides practical skills and techniques that managers can adopt that will foster a culture of trust, transparency, and engagement.

Coaching For Supervisors

Coaching is a method for helping someone  to grow and thrive by  allowing them to be the owners of the insights, decisions, actions, and results that make up their work. There are professional coaches who make this their life's work, but coaching is a technique that should be in the toolbox of everyone who oversees others; employees or volunteers, children.  

This can be structured as a 1/2 day or full day workshop.  

Confrontation Into Collaboration

Confrontation can happen in the spur of the moment or it can be scheduled once or twice a year in the performance appraisal.  Confrontation isn't necessarily a bad thing but there are healthy ways to resolve it.  The tough conversations are the ones that we most wish to avoid. They are typically so difficult because there is so much at stake. 

This workshop introduces the PRISM Model For Conversations and is offered in half-day or full-day versions.