Work With Me

2 Options for Personal Growth

Individual Coaching

  • The coaching partnership is between you and me.

  • You determine the goals, frequency and duration of the coaching series.

  • You set the focus and agenda to obtain the results important to you.

  • Your organization may subsidize your coaching in part or in full but since you are the sole person to determine the agenda this is individual coaching.

Sponsored Coaching

  • Your organization sponsors your coaching and has a vested interest in your agenda and results.

  • The goals, frequency and duration of the series are determined among the three parties: sponsor, client and coach.

  • The focus is whatever you and/or your sponsor agree upon.

  • These engagements typically (though not always) follow a Stakeholder-Centered approach to behavioral change and therefore involve interactions with others in your organization. Those impacted by you.

Discovery Session

I provide an exploratory conversation to allow the individual and/or organization to get a sense of what coaching is, my approach, and how it can help. In addition it helps us to establish the parameters of the partnership and identify the value of the engagement. It also provides me with the information I need to decide whether or not to take on the client. 

Engagement Tailored to Your Needs

Each coaching engagement differs from the next in desired results, value, scope, personal dynamics, urgency, and other factors. The Discovery Session provides for mutual understanding of the specific focus and results that you or your organization want to achieve. Together we will tailor a solution that meets your needs, matches your working rhythm and style, with meeting-dynamics that are best suited to getting you the results you need.

Packages and Pricing

5 Months Is the Typical Minimum

A Coaching Series involves significant work both in and between sessions. Whether the focus is on personal or professional growth, business strategy, next chapter of life, or more effective management, it takes time for you to process and do the necessary work. My coaching engagements begin with 5 months and are extendable after that as needed. We meet once or twice monthly depending on your schedule and work pace. 

If you feel you require something different please call me to discuss how we can tailor a program that will meet your needs and get you the results you want.


Pricing for a coaching series depends on the goals of the series and on the value received. I do not charge by the hour. Different engagements require different work and the pricing is commensurate with that work and the value you receive.

Pricing is different between Sponsored and Individual engagements. I also provide discounts for those in not-for-profits and ministry and for students. 

Your Success

“What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave the organization?”

‘What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Your success depends on ...

  • The alignment of your purpose and goals.

  • You willingness to dothe work that you define needs to be done.

  • Our mutually-effective work styles.

Our Discovery Session is an opportunity to audition my prospective clients and gives you a chance to see who I am.

Conversation Workshops

I am passionate about effective conversations. I believe that our conversations are at the heart of every relationship we have at home, at work, or in our community. Every conversation we have either improves and confirms trust or weakens it. 

We can all chat at lunch (usually), but it's the difficult conversations - the ones that mean so much to us - that we need help with. These are the ones we'd rather avoid even though we know they are critical.

We've heard horror stories of how people are treated at work.  You likely know from personal experience what it's like to be challenged in a meeting and get a surge of heat under your collar. Policies set expectations but provide no practical help for how to navigate conflict or deal with tough people, or how to be effective in difficult conversations when the stakes are high.

I've synthesized ideas, techniques and tools from many experts into a Framework For Healthy Conversations named PRISM.

I provide coaching for individuals and workshops for departments and teams who want to improve their interpersonal communication skills. These workshops provide practical tools and techniques for high-stakes conversations. The group participation improves engagement and retention. The on-hand guides keep the techniques at your finger tips for weeks ahead as the techniques become second nature. 

Contact me to discuss individual coaching or to learn how a Conversation Workshop can improve trust, engagement and results in your department, team or organization.